BlizzCMS is a Open Source CMS developed by ProjectCMS for World of Warcraft based on CodeIgniter Framework, UIKit and clean PHP Code. The main functionalities of this CMS are to facilitate the use of a website, store and forum in a single application for your players and administrators.

What new changes will come with BlizzCMS V2?

Here we will detail a few changes that will come with the new version:

  • New system (i18n): Now you will be able to use multilanguages, which makes it easier for large servers to use all the languages of their choice. The language system will work for databases and for the internal translations of the website, buttons, forms etc. You can configure the system to enable or disable languages, also you can select a default language if you want to use only one language in your server.

  • Template system: Now we have a new template manager that will facilitate the creation of new themes, you can easily create themes, replace css and structures. To do this you just have to go to the folder (themes) and create a theme, in the admin panel select the new theme and you can use it. To replace positions of the things you will only have to create a new "view" in the folder theme/module/views/file.php and with that the original code will be replaced by yours. When it is available you will get a detailed guide of how it works and a structure example.

  • New model structure: Now you can get detailed information quickly with more order and security.

  • Anetwork: Now Anetwork CMS will be available on our platform as part of a module.

  • Restructured Register: Now the registration will only ask for username, email and password. After discussing this issue we decided to discard the option of recovering accounts with this information.

  • New Design: A renewed aspect has arrived as default theme.

These are some of the changes that will be reflected in BlizzCMSv2 which are subject to sudden changes.