Now in your view you can use variables that will facilitate access to different areas.

Available variables:

Get the route to the base of your theme folder:


Get the route to the base of composer:


Call the metadata defined in the functions in your view:


To define a metadata you must use syntax $this->set_metadata($name, $content, $type = 'meta', $extra = '');

Valid names:

  1. meta
  2. link
  3. script


1. $this->set_metadata('description', 'World of Warcraft Server');
2. $this->set_metadata('stylesheet', base_url($fxvendor.'projectcms/rpg-awesome/css/rpg-awesome.min.css'), 'link');
3. $this->set_metadata('script', base_url($fxvendor.'projectcms/font-awesome/js/fontawesome-all.js'), 'script');

Get the name of the module:


Get the body of the module: